Supply chain visibility and security at the point of asset transfer.

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Supply chains run on barcodes today and will into the future due to their low cost and ubiquity.

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BoxLock’s inventory, access and security SaaS solutions integrate into existing supply chain and route management systems to help businesses make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable at the point where assets are transferred.

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Off-Peak Deliveries

See how BoxLock can help shippers and receivers save time and money while increasing reliability with secured unattended off hours deliveries.


Best in Show

See how leaders from across the freight industry picked BoxLock as the Best in Show at Freighwaves Transparency18.


Enterprise Supply Chain Applications


High Value Inventory

Critical inventory, equipment and parts stored onsite are often protected with traditional combination locks. The combinations are being shared amongst personnel and inventory often disappears. Real-Time secured access to inventory, equipment and parts storage combined with chain of custody tracking can make sure the assets are there when needed, accounted for and replenished upon use.

Commercial Deliveries

Businesses, especially small businesses often have limited hours and days of operation. These typically coincide with peak business hours and traffic where deliveries can either be time consuming or a distraction. Carriers run on slim margins and can reduce costs and gain efficiencies by delivering in off hours.

See more details on BoxLock’s Last Mile Solutions.

Distributed Assets

Utilities and telecom equipment need distributed access controls for a broad range of parties. Low tech solutions such as master keys and combinations pose access risks with no accountability. Bluetooth padlocks require cumbersome mobile applications that can be difficult to manage across suppliers.


Our secure APIs make it possible for enterprises to programmatically interact with BoxLock’s real-time asset management and visibility solutions.