Everyone benefits from secure unattended deliveries.

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Benefits Include:

  • More Consistent Routes

  • Faster Route Stops

  • Greater Route Flexibility

  • Cost Effective Off-Hours Deliveries

  • Avoid Traffic Congestion

  • Increase Successful First Attempts

Comprehensive final mile capabilities are essential to the profitability and success of supply chains.

The Final Mile


Operationally, the final mile can be the most expensive and most important part of the supply chain process, particularly to businesses that require visibility and/or confirmation that delivery requirements are met.

The Last Yard


The capable execution of last yard, what happens to a shipment will determine whether the customer’s needs are fully satisfied from the point of asset transfer to its ultimate use.

Unattended Deliveries are efficient but insecure, leaving assets unprotected, resulting in poor customer experience, product tampering or lost goods Attended Deliveries are difficult to coordinate and have a high failure rate, resulting in expensive redeliveries, frustrated customers and increased trips

BoxLock integrates into existing supply chain and route management solutions to help business make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable at the point where assets are transferred.


Unattended secured deliveries in off hours can save up to 40%, especially in urban environments. BoxLock’s Final Mile Solutions make it easy and cost effective for businesses of all sizes to realize the benefits off peak deliveries. Learn More

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First Mile

The first mile is as important as important to supply chains as the final mile. Benefit from off-hours pickups, reductions in dry runs and time savings for your customers.

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Leverage the network of thousands of BoxLock Home customers across the U.S. for unattended secured deliveries made by major carriers, independent couriers or private fleets.


Our secure APIs make it possible for enterprises to programmatically interact with BoxLock’s real-time asset management and visibility solutions.

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